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Oregon is suitable for a wide variety of applications and has been highly respected for this reason by engineers and builders in Australia for over 100 years.

Commercial and Industrial

Oregon has long been regarded as a superior material for structural components and in heavy timber applications. It is used extensively for pilings, railway ties, sawmill and warehouse construction and numerous other areas where structural performance is of the utmost importance.

The species is highly resistant to chemical reaction and is often used in the manufacture of vats, tanks, containers, flumes, conduits and similar industrial components.

Oregon's stability and workability make it the perfect choice for form work and scaffold planks where a strong, lightweight timber is required.


The strength and beauty of natural Oregon beams enhance the warmth and visual appeal of any home, whether is be used extensively in a post and beam construction or utilised simply in a pergola.

Its high strength to weight ratio makes the timber easily employed in the construction of concealed house framing, roof beams and rafters or fascia.

Previously Oregon could not be used in some external structural applications such as bearers and joists under weather exposed decks - this has now changed since the introduction of our H3 Treatment (above ground treatment for borers, termites and decay). .

External Use

The Oregon used should be free of heart centre (FOHC). Heart centre describes the very centre of the tree in a piece of timber, also known as pith. Because this area is the most unstable part of the tree, the use of free of heart centre Oregon in all external applications reduces the occurrence of movement defects such as splitting or twist.

H3 Treatment

We are now able to offer two forms of H3 Treatment.  The first if H3 Tru-Core (Copper Quat) Green Treatment - this covers Borers, Termites and Severe Decay and is suitable for any external applications that are going to be painted.  For timbers required to retain a natural look and which are being protected with an oil or varnish we are able to offer H3 Tru Core (Azole) Clear Treatment - this covers Borers, Termites and Moderate Decay.  Both treatments come with a 25 year guarantee.  It is important to note that both treatments are water based, it is therefore still imperative to protect timbers with either an oil-based product. H3 treatment covers all above ground applications.


As with any timber included in construction outdoors, the life of Oregon will be greatly prolonged when a suitable oil-based paint or timber preservative is applied to and maintained on all surfaces. Ensure during construction that all end sections are sealed before fixing and incisions made for hardware are protected.


Rot occurs when the moisture content of the timber is raised unnaturally high for an extended period. To protect Oregon from rot, simply have a roof (30 degrees vertical overhang) covering your pergola or carport so as water cannot pool on the surface of the timber. Posts should be supported clear of the ground in stirrups (50mm or higher).

If these simple steps are taken from the onset of construction, there is no reason why you will not enjoy the beauty of the Oregon for years to come.