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Flitch is a large end section timber which is then cut-to-size to your specific requirements. Oregon is readily available from us in individual pieces up to 11.4m long and up to 400x200mm in size (depending on stock we sometimes have 500x200). It is always a surprise to people when they realise that such large sections and lengths are readily available.

Cut-to-size oregon can be finished as dressed all round, rough sawn non-appearance, rough sawn appearance or fine sawn (clean sawn).

Dressed timber is dressed by our Machinest for a planed finish.

Rough sawn non-appearance is cut from flitch, focusing on grade rather than visual appearance and as such often shows defects on the face but within the specified grade. This finish is suitable for structural non-appearance applications.

Rough sawn appearance is cut from specially selected flitch to allow for an appearance finish.

Fine sawn timber is clean cut on all four faces This is the perfect cut for a visual sawn look.

The grades produced are F7, F8, F8 FOHC and F11 FOHC. These indicate the maximum allowable defect in a piece to achieve a certain strength as stated by Australian Standards 2858-2001 "Timber-Softwood-Visually graded for structural purposes". The higher the number, the higher the grade.

We also supply free of heart centre material for all external applications. For more information on this, see Applications.

Oregon is sold in 600mm increments, starting at 1.8m up to 11.4 metres (e.g 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m etc).

Just Wood Australia also manufactures fascia with various sized grooves and weatherboard to order.

Most of our timber is green (unseasoned), which means that it has not been dried. You may experience some shrinkage but if the appropriate grade has been ordered any defects that may occur will be minimal and will not effect the quality of the Oregon.

We also stock a small amount of Kiln Dried No.2 Clear Oregon which is dried to meet the Australian Standard which is 15%. This material is suitable for many applications including lining board, architraves and skirting boards - we have many original Federation and Victorian cutters along with hundreds of other profiles - please contact us for information.  Our kiln dried material is also used by many Boat Builders.